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Payment Refund Policy

Your gas account is billed in arrears ,either monthly or quarterly, During the year, you may find your account is in credit - particularly over the summer months when you use less energy. We recommend keeping this credit on your account to pay for the extra energy you'll use over the winter and avoid your account going into debit later in the year.

If however you would still like to get a refund please complete the Refund Request Form and return it to us at the address below. Alternatively, telephone our Billing Section on 755580. Refunds are dealt with on an individual basis and will be considered after reviewing the current status of your account.

Please allow a maximum of 14 days for the refund to be processed and to clear your account.

In the event of a clearly identified overpayment, or duplication, the amount will be refunded within seven working days of receipt of the refund request.

Refunds are not available via this website. If you require a refund from your gas account, please download and complete the -Refund Form or telephone our Billing , Section on 755580

Forms are also available by visiting Jersey Gas.

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