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Instant heat with Gas

Probably the most popular method of home heating, gas boilers for central heating have undergone tremendous developments in recent years. Advances in technology, new techniques, and new materials have made great increases in economy, efficiency and convenience possible.

If your boiler is more than 15 years old, it will be significantly less efficient than a modern one. Replacing it could save you a fifth on your fuel bills - even more if you opt for an ultra efficient condensing boiler.


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Types of boiler

Condensing boilers

Are the most efficient sort, typically converting 90% of fuel into heat compared with the 72% that standard boilers can manage. That means you could save at least 15% on your fuel bills, or even more if you have an older boiler.

Efficient boilersCondensing boilers use the waste heat of the flue as an extra source of heat. By extracting this extra heat, the efficiency is increased. You may see the cooler flue gases as a 'plume of smoke' coming from the flue. Don't worry - when 'pluming' your boiler is running at its maximum efficiency.

Non-Condensing Boilers

If a condensing boiler isn't right for you, the next best thing is a modern fan-assisted boiler, which will offer at least 72% efficiency. Compared with old-fashioned boilers, these models are lighter, warm up and cool down more quickly therefore wasting less heat, can be fan-flued and have electronic ignition. All of which can add up to a saving compared with boilers over 15 years old.

Combination Boilers

These are popular in flats, small houses where space is limited and single bathroom houses. As their name suggests, combi boilers do two jobs in one, acting as a central heating boiler and a hot water cylinder.

Their compact dimensions mean that they can be wall- mounted in the kitchen. And because there's no separate hot water cylinder, you'll have a bit more space in your home, as you won't need an airing cupboard.

Note. Combination boilers will only effectively supply hot water to one outlet at any one time. This means that if one tap is running, turning on a second tap will affect the flow of water.