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Energy Efficiency At Home

Condensing Boilers - 90% Efficiency

Upgrading your boiler to a modern condensing type makes sense both financially, in the savings you’ll make, and environmentally. Fortunately, it's one of those ideas that pretty-well explains itself. Heat that normally goes to waste is caught and put back to work instead.

Always on Tap

Upgrade to a condensing boiler and enjoy 90% efficiency - making savings in energy and money!

Water vapour condensing in the flue is the sign of a stunningly effective process. It shows just how much energy is being saved. Thanks to equally impressive thermal efficiency fonts, almost all the heat rescued is then put to good use. Condensing boilers are up to 98% efficient, the next best type of combination boiler is around 80%; with older boilers, 70% if not a lot less. That's the breakthrough in a nutshell.

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Efficiency Rated Appliances

Energy Rated Appliances

At Jersey Gas all major appliances will have an energy efficiency and a performance grading A- G, with A being the most economical. Standardised tests, monitored by Trading Standards icons, are carried out across the industry and manufacturers are responsible for grading their own machines.

Remember that while the highest ‘A’ rated appliances may sometimes cost a little more, over it’s lifetime they will waste less energy and save money on running costs.

Save your energy

We’re committed to reducing the amount of greenhouse emmissions from the island and reducing the amount of energy wasted.

After all, by installing more efficient appliances, and following some simple efficiency tips we are not only protecting our environment but also saving £’s from our energy costs.

Find out how we can help reduce your carbon foorprint in every area of life, from fuelling you car with Autogas to installing Solar Panels on your home.

Solar Power

Solar heating for domestic hot water is the fastest growing renewable energy in Europe and Jersey Gas can now supply and fit solar panels to your property that work with your gas boiler

Solar Power

We’ve brought in two solar systems to meet your needs: Alpha Solar Smart System and the Valliant Solar Domestic Hot Water System.

Using indirect solar radiation, not just direct sunlight, it makes them ideally suited to the Jersey climate. ‘Solar really is the right thing to do. It will save you money in the long term free 3d models, it helps the environment and it will also improve the saleability of your house.’







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